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D’Journeys offers an unique blend of coaching that integrates the four key areas of development that we believe have the power to transform each person’s life: education, vocation (career), personal, and community (the Village). We adhere to the idea that separation of academic, career, life and social support needs is more often an invitation to failure, and students do best when these areas are treated as integrated parts of a whole such that if one area is strong, it can strengthen the whole. As such, our coaching service assesses areas where academic or personal development is needed, teaches the development of effective communication and social skills. Additionally, our program incorporates intercultural competency training.

Our targeted blueprints for working with adults, in particularly college students, are transformational BECAUSE they remain holistic and fully adaptable for each individual’s situation.

• The style is intended to initiate a transformational, purpose-filled development of the whole person not just focus solely on academic or career or life success.

• Our coaching program can meet your needs no matter if you’re a current student, just looking for options, a re-entry student, a post-graduate, or a professional. We meet you where you’re at academically, vocationally, personally and socially….then we start filling in the gaps and shoring up the weak spots.

• There are no cookie-cutter, one-size-fits-all academic or life goal plans that disregard the fact that you work two jobs, have two kids at home, and your car stopped working last semester.

• We do not require your physical presence to work with you or advocate for you if needed. So you can feel free to schedule Skype, phone or chat sessions at times that work for you via our booking calendar up to three months in advance anywhere in the world

What can I expect coaching sessions that focus on such blended areas to look like?
Well…..they go a bit like this:

  1. The first coaching session will always include professional quality assessments of your personality, interests, work and values to help give us a clearer picture of who you are, who you want to be, what you value, how you communicate, potential strengths and weaknesses and more, with a follow-up session to discuss the results and possible interpretations as they apply to your life.
  2. Additional coaching sessions will vary based on your needs, but all will include solutions-focused, action-oriented plans in each of the areas needed with mentoring and accountability calls from the coach, as well as unlimited email support. These sessions may include having you complete journals, listening to music, completing some “homework” assignments, attending social events, playing games,  conducting time audits, writing letters to imaginary people, developing your sense of humor, sobbing your heart out, becoming angry with me for making you cry your heart out, experiencing total life transformations and more. No….we’re not your average life coach!
Okay. I’m still not quite sure what exact academic, vocational or personal services I might get if I sign up?

Check out the table below for examples of specific services in each area that we may do for you as a client! The Villages @ D’Journeys page will tell you more about the online Global Village coming soon, as well as future plans for local living learning communities that we hope to start.

Then, if you’re interested in working with us, head on over to the “PACKAGES LINK” to check out some of the packages we offer and any current specials we may be running.

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