Get Your Life ~ the Realignment Masters Group

Starting Soon! Virtual Workshop 'Get Your Life ~ The Realignment Masters Group'

“Whose Mess is this Anyway? Breaking the chains of other people’s thoughts,

feelings and negative energy.” It’s not yours, so why are you holding on to it?

This is one of the areas we’ll be addressing in our upcoming virtual workshop, “Get Your Life ~ The Re-Alignment Master’s Group”. We’ll be using transformational techniques and creative expressive arts to accelerate massive changes in your life. Led by a professional counselor and single mother, whom has battled homelessness, hopelessness and PTSD…and won the war: this course will address the intersection of your Personal Self, your Village, your Education, and your Career and give you life-changing methods to break every single chain that’s kept you bound in your misery.

This event ONLY happens TWICE a year! Sign up now to join an amazing group of over-comers whom are READY READY READY to move forward in their lives! They’ve all made the decision that they are DONE being stuck in an unfulfilled, miserable place and are willing to do whatever it takes to break free from it all. This is the perfect workshop for anybody needing to reboot their lives. This engaging workshop will use creativity-based, solutions-focused, motivational techniques to help you transform your life!

In this 5-week group you will discover:

√ Your purpose(s) and how to live life with engaged passion every day

√ How to align your education, career, and life goals so that you don’t keep experiencing the “Domino Effect” when you try to transition into success

√ Why the negative “fear voice” whispering to you keeps you stagnant and 3 ways to shut it down each time it tries to block you from your greatness

√ How your inner circle shapes and molds you, and the three ways to grow a healthy, supportive, growth-seeking Village.

√ Identify toxic people that need to be removed from your inner space, and learn how to create effective boundaries for toxic loved ones that you allow to stay…because who’s mess is this anyway?

√ How to use music and creative writing to change your mood whenever you want; learn to create amazing playlists or write a new chapter in your ideal life that inspires, encourages, challenges and uplifts you no matter what challenges arise.

√ How to stop living your life as if you are a peasant and begin living like the Queens or Kings you are in school, work and life.

BONUS #1: First 10 participants will get an optional 30-minute private coaching session to focus on specific issue(s) that they would like to address.

BONUS #2: Three (3), Online Professional Assessments of your personality, vocational focus, and skills with full-color reports of your results in a PDF format that you can keep forever ($67 value)

BONUS #3: Unlimited email access to your counselor advisor for the duration of your sessions!
BONUS #4: Recordings of each virtual or phone session will be yours to keep!

BONUS #5: Permanent access to the “Get Your Life ~ Realignment Masters” private Facebook group where you can continue to learn and grow among peers whom are full of unique talents, and hungry for change.

Register below and join us the week of November 2nd for this soul-changing course! (Space is limited, so register early!)

Don’t you think it’s time you took your life back? Take advantage of this introductory price for this workshop, it will never be this low again! We guarantee you, your life will never be the same.

$297 paid in full

$317 paid in 2 installments

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