D’Journeys Vision

Vision Statement
A self-sustaining “Village” organization that understand best how to harness a blend of education, vocation, personal, and community development to advance the lives of adult students and their families — globally.
Birthing Dreams, Raising Lives one vulnerable student at a time.

Mission Statement
D’Journeys provides unique, integrated counseling services that targets the development of the academic, career, life and community skills necessary for adult students to succeed in post-secondary pursuits. We provide advocacy and mentoring opportunities for college students, especially for those labeled non-traditional, at-risk and/or underrepresented in higher education. We understand that struggles in life can seriously impact the retention and success of these vulnerable students, and sometimes it truly takes a Village to succeed. That’s why we offer skills and training in “Building YOUR Village”, provide an online global community forum, and we’re designing self-sustained, living learning communities for students in targeted areas.

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