Platinum Package

Platinum Package
The Platinum Package is the ultimate give that keeps on giving. When people say, “you can’t take it with you”, they didn’t know about the counselors and mentors at D’Journeys. This long-term, 9 month long transformational package is meant for clients to bring their own counselor/mentor along for their journey. This is a concierge-type intensive, solutions-focused option for transforming your life in a minimum amount of time. Powerful goal-setting capabilities, life-changing plans for finally living the life you’ve always dreamed of. At times, your counselor advocate may challenge you to achieve more than you thought was possible, but success in your academics, careers, and your personal life and relationships. Life’s a journey, but it’s not one you have to walk alone. The 9 month long, counseling and mentoring intensive Platinum Package will include everything that comes in the Bronze, Silver and Gold packages (specific services as needed) plus,

♦ Eighteen (18), 45-minute integrated counseling sessions via Skype, Phone, or Virtual Conferencing
♦ Three (3), 45 minute discretionary or “Emergency” calls at your leisure
♦ Three (3), Online Professional Assessments of your personality, career/vocational focus, and skills with full-color reports of your results in a PDF format that you can keep forever ($67 value)
♦ One (1), interactive personalized “It’s a Journey” Life & Education Map designed specifically to address the challenges in your academic, career, and/or personal life. The L.E.M. includes a detailed academic plan for any type of student, financial literacy, career and personal development guide, interactive links to online resources chosen just for you, as well as full-color worksheets to help keep you on track with your goals. ($57 value)
♦ Career Counseling and financial literacy, including conscientious budgeting and financial planning, employment listings, resume creation or review, cover letters, obtaining letters of recommendation, interview skills, employment assistance, internship and study abroad experiences.
Basic assistance with preparing for standardized graduate entrance examinations (if needed), post-graduate academic and career planning.
♦ Instructional Services: Academic research assistance, Online Tutoring in a variety of subjects, Proofreading/Editing of Academic assignments
BONUS #1: Unlimited email access to your counselor advisor for the duration of your package sessions!
BONUS #2: Recordings of each virtual or phone session will be yours to keep!
BONUS #3: Resource list for making a living off of your hobbies and talents.

Price: $2297

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