Gold Medal Package

Gold Medal Package
The Gold Medal Package is designed for graduating college seniors, post-graduate students, and transitioning adults whom are having challenges with aligning their educational achievements and talents to their desired financial and personal life goals. Are you confused about what to do after graduation? Are you worried that you did not acquire work skills that will allow you to gain employment in your academic field directly after graduating? Are you considering applying to professional or graduate programs such as medical school or law school? Did you fail to plan for what you would do if you did not receive any job offers after college? Does your field require a professional license, registration with a state board, or post-graduate intern hours and you’re uncertain how to navigate the process? Have you changed your mind about your original plans, or found yourself in a place doing something completely out of the scope of your talents or desires but don’t know how to transition to something that is a better fit? Do you have a talented side hustle that you prefer doing rather than going to your regular 9-5 and would like to turn a great hobby or talent into a successful business? These are some of the many challenges transitioning adults face as they attempt to navigate the world outside of academia post graduation, but they’re challenges that our counselors have over 15 years of experience in helping people navigate. In addition to our regular integrated counseling sessions that can address any academic, career, personal or social needs the student might have, clients in this program also have access to assistance with career searching, turning academic skills into work skills, venturing into entrepreneurship, graduate school admissions counseling, and solutions-focused goal-setting in career and financial areas of their life. Life’s a journey, but it’s not one you have to walk alone. To realign your academic, career, personal and social life areas and invoke transformational changes the Gold Medal Package will provide,

♦ Four (4), 45-minute integrated counseling sessions via Skype, Phone, or Virtual Conferencing ($397 value), plus
♦ One (1), 45 minute discretionary or “Emergency” call at your leisure
♦ One (1), 45 minute Academic Scheduling or Transcript Evaluation call to keep you on track for graduation
or graduate school admissions
♦ Three (3), Online Professional Assessments of your personality, career/vocational focus, and skills with full-color reports of your results in a PDF format that you can keep forever ($67 value)
♦ One (1), interactive personalized “It’s a Journey” Life & Education Map designed specifically to address the challenges in your academic, career, and/or personal life. The L.E.M. includes a detailed academic plan for professional or graduate students, financial literacy, career and personal development guide, interactive links to online resources chosen just for you, as well as full-color worksheets to help keep you on track with your goals. ($57 value)
Career Counseling and financial literacy, including conscientious budgeting and financial planning, employment listings, resume creation or review, cover letters, obtaining letters of recommendation, interview skills, employment assistance, internship and study abroad experiences.
♦ Basic assistance with preparing for standardized graduate entrance examinations (if needed), post-graduate academic and career planning.
BONUS #1: Unlimited email access to your counselor advisor for the duration of your package sessions!
BONUS #2: Recordings of each virtual or phone session will be yours to keep!
BONUS #3: Resource list for making a living off of your hobbies and talents.
Price: $100-697*

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