Bronze Medal Package

Bronze Medal Package
The Bronze Medal Package is ideal for high school juniors or seniors and adults who are considering pursuing or furthering their education to transform their lives, careers and businesses. This could mean obtaining a vocational certification, completing an apprenticeship program, applying to a two or four-year college or university, or enrolling in an accelerated post-graduate or professional graduate program. We’ll assess your personality, needs and interests before helping you decide what type of educational experience will produce the quality changes and results you’ve been searching for. Additionally, we’ll work with you to align your personal life to your educational journey so that you will be as successful as possible. This engaging, goal-setting Bronze Medal package will provide,

♦ Four (4), 45-minute integrated counseling sessions via Skype, Phone, or Virtual Conferencing
♦ Three (3), Online Professional Assessments of your personality, vocational focus, and skills with full-color reports of your results in a PDF format that you can keep forever ($67 value)
♦ One (1), interactive personalized “It’s a Journey” Life & Education Map designed specifically to address the challenges in your academic, career, and/or personal life. The L.E.M. includes a detailed academic plan and admissions guide, interactive links to online resources chosen just for you, as well as full-color worksheets to help keep you on track with your goals. ($57 value)
♦ Basic assistance with the financial aid planning (if required), including conscientious budgeting for your educational adventure.
♦ Basic assistance with preparing for standardized entrance examinations, aptitude tests and college admissions essays (if needed).
BONUS #1: Unlimited email access to your counselor advisor for the duration of your sessions!
BONUS #2: Recordings of each virtual or phone session will be yours to keep!
Price: $50-467*

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