Graduates Come in All Shapes & Sizes!

Today's graduates are DIVERSE. They come in all ages, races, family statuses, religions, and more. If you're ready to join the academic race, we can help assure that you start and finish STRONG. (and with as less debt as humanly possible...because really...who likes debt? Not us that's for sure!)

Missing your keys? We'll help you find them

Still looking for the key to the door you've always wanted to open? Remember that mountain you've always wanted to climb? We won't bring that mountain to you but...... well honestly we have been known to climb the mountain with you....sometimes dragging you....but it's okay the moral of the story is that YOU WILL get there.

Personal Transformations are a MUST

We all come with a list of things we do or don't like about ourselves. A list of things that we have always wanted to try or accomplish but have never seemed to find the time or courage to follow through. D'Journeys doesn't view you in isolation as a sum of your GPA or resume. We recognize that the biggest obstacles to success are often the ones we're carrying within ourselves. We collaborate with you to design transformational, solutions-focused action plans for your personal struggles. And we don't leave you to fight through them alone.

Want to Wreck the imPOSSIBLE?

Are you tired of feeling like you'll never achieve your dreams? Do you struggle with fear of failing and fear of success at the same time? D'Journeys believes in breaking the "impossible" mindset to release the freedom of infinite possibilities. Friends don't let friends stay stuck on impossibilities. We won't let your "impossible" stay impossible either.

Everyone Can Use a Village

Do you believe that no one cares about what you're going through? Do you feel alone much of the time? D'Journeys believes in the importance of having a stable, healthy, supportive Village in your life. That's why we incorporate community building and social support into our programs, and welcome you to be part of OUR Village even as you learn to build your own.


Transformational Paths to Academic, Career & Life Success


D'Journeys is an innovative coaching and mentoring program designed for adults engaged in post-secondary educational pursuits.

Maybe you're pre-college/vocational student and aren't quite sure where to attend or what to major in, or even what you like to do;

Perhaps you've decided to start over and make a complete career switch, or you're a recent veteran, or a displaced homemaker and you're just not sure how to navigate this higher education system as an older, but wiser, student;

You could be an overly stressed student parent with family responsibilities that always seem to railroad your best laid educational or career plans;

Or maybe you're an enterprising professional or full-time employee looking for a credential, certificate or degree to enhance you;r resume and increase your skill set

Chances are that you're one of the many current college students racked with anxiety about what to do during and after your course of study, or a post-graduate disillusioned and dissatisfied with your current status quo;

So we extend a heartfelt "Welcome to D'Journeys!"...where we're birthing dreams, raising lives one transformed student at a time. This could be the perfect place to start your transformational journey too.

Take a moment to explore the site and get to know who we are and what we do. We're honored you chose to visit.
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